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Wedding Package

A beautiful venue for your special day

In order to make your day special we have devised an all inclusive package that allows you to set up in advance and clear up the following day so that you can enjoy your wedding celebration. We are more than happy to show you round the hall and all that is offered.

The package includes:

  • Exclusive use of the hall including Kitchen, Berwyn Room and Library for 48 hours so that you have plenty of time to decorate the hall, celebrate your wedding and tidy up afterwards.  Timing is from noon the day before until noon the day after.

  • We have 20 tables that can be used separately or together, trestle tables and 150 soft upholstered chairs.

  • Decorative lighting is included - fairy lights in blue and white.  Light Balls in white lights.  All can be controlled by dimmer switches.

  • 24 white damask table cloths to fit your dining tables and a selection of white cloths for trestle tables and snooker table.  We will launder all table-cloths.

Wedding Set-up.jpg
  • Cream voile drapes that can replace the hall curtains.  You can take down the curtains and use the drapes but you must re-hang the curtains afterwards. Alternatively, the curtains can be covered with the drapes.

  • The snooker table in the Berwyn Room can be converted into a large table with wooden covers.  There is a white voile skirt that fits around the snooker table.  The table can be used for serving a buffet but please do not use it for drinks as a spillage could be a real problem.

  • There is ample white crockery, stainless steel cutlery and a good range of glassware.  The kitchen has a fridge, larder fridge, cooker and dishwasher.

  • A selection of candle holders, electric candles, table runners, chair sashes and other decorations.


  • There is a bar in the hall with freezer, drinks fridge, sink with hot water and four-bottle spirit optic.  The hall has an alcohol license so you can choose to run your own bar or the hall are happy to run your bar and serve your pre-drinks and toast etc.

  • The snooker table is a permanent fixture in the Berwyn Room, but the rest of the space can be used to create a quieter sociable space or a supervised children's play area.



Chair covers can be hired from various online companies or you can hire up to 150 white chair covers from the Hall at a cost of 50p per chair (up to a maximum of £50).

Please note that cotton based covers may require ironing and then putting immediately onto the chairs.  Please do not iron the covers whilst they are on the chairs as this can mark the chairs. 

Not included in the package:

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