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Friends of Llangynog Memorial Hall

Llangynog Memorial Hall trustees are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the hall. As a self-funded charity, we at times need to raise funds through events to keep the hall in good operational order. Llangynog Entertainments Committee are a self-funding group who put on events for the benefit of the community, e.g., children’s Christmas party, lunch for senior citizens or a national celebration.


Both Llangynog Memorial Hall Committee and Llangynog Entertainments Committee sometimes need extra people when putting on events, whether it be food preparation, serving food/drinks at the tables, serving behind the bar, selling tickets for the events, or a friendly smile to point people in the right direction – with others at hand to help you where needed.


We often hear that people want to help but don’t know how to get involved so we have formed Friends of Llangynog Memorial Hall. This will enable us to plan, include those that want to be involved and avoid calling on the same people every time.  If you would like to be part of Friends of Llangynog Memorial Hall, please contact

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