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Terms and Conditions for hiring Llangynog Memorial Hall


In the event of cancellation more than 56 days prior to the booking, the entire deposit shall be returned. For cancellation between 28 and 56 days, 50% of the deposit shall be forfeited. In the event of the Hirer cancelling within 28 days, the entire deposit paid shall be forfeited.


The Hall is regularly inspected to ensure everything is in good order but in the unlikely event you notice any issue on arrival, please report damage or faults to equipment, fixtures, and fittings to the Hall secretary as soon as it is noticed, ideally with a photograph. Any damage done to the building, fixtures and fittings whilst hired, the expense of repair/replacement is to be paid by the Hirer.

Security of the Hall: As a Hirer of the Hall, you have use of a key for the duration of your hire period. You are therefore responsible for the security of the Hall during this time. You must ensure that the Hall is supervised or kept locked throughout the hire period. Any loss of property or valuables left at the property is at your own risk.

Locking-up:  All internal fire doors and windows should be closed and all lights (including stage lights if used) turned off when leaving. All external doors should be locked when leaving.

CCTV Please note that CCTV is installed in the Hall. The purpose of the system is to ensure that the Hall is only accessed by authorised hirers and users of the Hall for agreed activities and is operated in accordance with UK data privacy requirements. A copy of the policy containing full details is available and can be provided on request.

Leave as found

You are responsible for leaving the Hall in the same condition as you found it, unless cleaning is provided in the hire agreement.

Tables and Chairs after use

The Hirer must put all tables and chairs back unless specifically agreed in advance. To prevent marking the floor a chair trolley is provided for your use, do not drag tables or chairs and stack chairs no more than six high ensuring that the legs are aligned to prevent chairs from collapsing and damage to chairs.

Events which include cleaning should leave all tables and chairs in place.

Items for outside use: Tables and chairs can only be used outside in dry weather. Exception may be made for trestle tables if under cover. White crockery must remain in the building at all times, only glasses and blue crockery can be used outside within the hall grounds only.

Fixed Items/equipment

Equipment and fixed items are included for use as is and should not be moved, adjusted or tampered with in any way. This includes but not limited to appliances in the kitchen and the bar, the plinth on the stage and the snooker table. The audio and lighting equipment at the side of the stage should be used in accordance with provided instructions and must not be moved, reconfigured, or disconnected. Failure to comply will result in the Hirer being liable for any costs incurred by the Hall to repair or reconfigure the fixed item or equipment. If you are uncertain, please ask the Hall secretary.

Signage   Use white tac only (ie. not cellotape, blue tac or nails) for temporary notices.

Rubbish and Recycling

Recycling bins are provided during some periods of the year, and we encourage you to use these if they are available – please do not overfill.

All bins must be emptied and all rubbish must be removed by yourselves.

Attendance Limits

Please ensure the following Attendance Limits are maintained (or any other restrictions adhered to that may be in place, ie. Covid-19 restrictions):

Maximum number  - 200

Banquet Style with tables and chairs - 120

Theatre style - 144   Berwyn Room - 30

The above numbers are the maximum allowed to comply with fire regulations. It is responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that fire exits are kept clear and the ability for ease of escape is always maintained.

Consideration shall be given to ensure sufficient space is provided for when a dance area is required, and tables and chairs are removed as needed.

The maximum numbers above apply equally to outdoor events as bad weather cannot be predicted in advance and the whole event may need to be relocated indoors.

Alcohol Licence

The Hall has a premises licence for selling alcohol inside the building only. The Hall Committee will need to approve sale of alcohol including hours at your event and reserve the right to refuse the sale of alcohol. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at an event where alcohol is sold.

The Memorial Hall can provide for and run a fully stocked bar, including wine for the tables, arrival drinks, toasts etc. as a complete service. This is subject to availability and must be agreed in advance.

If the Hirer wishes to sell alcohol outside of the licensed hours or outside the building and it is agreed with the Hall Committee, the Hirer must obtain a TENS licence from Powys County Council. The secretary can help you with this.

The Hirer must be aware of obligations under the Licensing Act 2003 to ensure that alcohol is not sold to those under 18 years of age.

General: Ensure all spillages and broken glass are cleared away immediately to avoid slippages and risk of injury.

Be considerate to local residents of noise levels within the Hall during the event and when participants are leaving the Hall.

Surety:  whenever alcohol is to be either sold or served at an event, the Hall Committee reserves the right to require payment in advance of a surety of £250. The sum of £250 will be refunded, or deducted from your invoice, once the Hall Committee are satisfied there has been no damage to the fabric of the Hall, equipment, fixtures and fittings and that no complaints of rowdy or unruly behaviour have been received from occupants of the houses that are in close proximity.

Other Licences

The Hall has a Small Societies Lotteries Licence (see Gambling Act 2005) as well as a joint music licence with the Performing Rights Society and Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) for the live and recorded performance of copyright music.

Health and Safety, Fire

The Hall Committee retains the right or any person acting on their behalf to attend and enter the premises at any time during an event to ensure that legal and booking conditions are being complied with. Should any breach be found, this will be brought to the immediate attention of the Hirer.

Hirers will be expected to recognise that there is a duty on them to comply with all requirements set out in this hiring agreement and with safety notices on the premises and to accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves or others.

The Health and Safety file, along with a copy of the Hall policies is in the kitchen.

Event organisers must nominate a minimum of two stewards who must be aware of emergency procedures, in particular those requiring evacuation of the Hall. Where necessary, they will also assist those with disabilities.

Before the start of an event, to make yourself and any stewards, aware of the Fire Plan located on the noticeboard which includes the location of Emergency Exits, Fire Extinguishers and evacuation Meeting Point. Please refer to the floor plan on the noticeboard for details. For large events (over 100 people) the panel of the door from the Hall to the toilets must be unbolted to ensure ease of exit in an emergency. Call 999 in the event of a fire

All activities must be carried out to minimise the risk. All participants must adhere to the current rules and in accordance with the signage in the building. The Hirer is responsible for all participants and must review and update the attached risk assessment specific for their event or activity. The signed risk assessment should be returned to the Hall secretary.

Electrical Appliances: If the Hirer uses any electrical appliances on the premises, these shall be used properly and be safe and in good working order. Do not bring onto the property any portable electrical appliances which have not been Portable Appliance Tested.

Extension Leads: Use of extensions can reasonably be anticipated for activities and events. No trailing leads in public areas during normal activities.

No Naked Flames: The use of candles in the Main Hall and is limited to tea lights, and these must be placed in non-combustible containers. Use of candles in all other areas of the Hall is prohibited.

Steps and Ladders Do not work on steps, ladders or at height until they are properly secured, and another person is present.

First Aid and Accident Book: Only basic first aid facilities are provided in the kitchen. In the event of an accident, please complete the accident book located with the first aid kit and contact the Hall secretary.


Food Hygiene: The Hirer shall, if preparing, serving and/or selling any food, observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation and regulations. If the Hirer arranges sub-contracts for the supply of food and drink, he shall ensure that his/her sub-contractor complies with these regulations.

Permanent Crockery: We encourage minimisation of waste through the use of permanent crockery and cutlery, not disposable crockery and cutlery.

Dishwasher: To minimise use of water, we encourage use of dishwasher in preference to washing-up in the sink.

Users of the kitchen should not dispose of unsuitable substances (fats, oils etc) to the water environment through the sinks and drains.

Do not allow children in the kitchen except under close supervision. Avoid overcrowding in the kitchen.


Please follow our rules as otherwise it could invalidate insurance.

The Hall insurance excludes:

  • liability incurred in respect of events away from the hired premises

  • liability arising out of food and drink supplied by a professional caterer

  • liability arising out of use of bouncy castles, other inflatables and marquees

  • liability arising from bonfires, firepits and fireworks

  • liability arising out of organised sports activities

  • liability arising out of any other activity of a hazardous nature

If you wish to have any of the above, please ensure that you obtain the necessary insurance as the Hall cannot be held responsible and you, the Hirer, would be liable for the damage. Insurance for fireworks is normally between £100 and £150. If you require any assistance with this, please let us know.

A marquee and other temporary shelters within the Hall grounds are included in the insurance, however this is weather dependent, therefore, a Hirer must not rely on marquees being used for an event.

Vulnerable Adults and Child Safeguarding

We have a policy in place - if you are hiring the Hall for activities for children/vulnerable adults please ensure you are familiar with this policy.

In addition, any user hiring the Hall to provide a facility for children (eg. playgroups, football training, youth clubs etc) must have a CRB disclosure certificate. Any delegation of that hirer to other people to supervise the children is the responsibility of the Hirer.

For The Hard of Hearing - the Main Hall is fitted with a loop system. There is a Table Microphone for this which should be plugged into the socket on the apron at the front of the stage, if required.

Smoking or Vaping is prohibited in all areas of the building. Smoking is allowed outside and a smoking bin outside the main entrance.

Dogs: no dogs except for assistance dogs are permitted inside the Hall building, in which case they must be clean and kept under control.

Car Parking

As there is limited car parking within the Hall, we encourage you to car-share or where possible walk or cycle to the Hall.

The car park is a private car park - for patrons use only, vehicles and contents are left entirely at owner’s risk.

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