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I am one of those 'English friends' who for over many years have moved to live or work in Llangynog. It was one of the most sensible things I have done in my life. Like others before me I was warmly welcomed into a place of special beauty,both natural and human. It has been my privilege to experience and share in the strong sense of community spirit inherent in so many Llangynog people.

This spirit is perhaps most clearly seen by the building of and the continued existence of Llangynog Memorial Hall. The year 2007 marks the 70" anniversary of the Halt. This seemed to merit celebration of achievements past and present.

As ever, the Hall committee had the ongoing matters of fund raising. maintenance. refurbishment, events etc. with which to attend. So a 70 anniversary sub-committee was formed to make sure we gave adequate recognition to the work of all those who have gone before. This book, and the October weekend of celebratory events, would not have come about without the great effort and commitment of some fine Llangynog women. I wish to both congratulate and name them.

I am well aware they did not do it for public praise, and indeed they not thank me for this (at first). Carol Jones,

Llywela Lewis, Lowri & Anwen Roberts - you are each a credit to yourselves,.your family, your community. I take my hat off to you!, Thank you, diolch yn fawr iawn!

Pauline Rigby

Secretary Llangynog Hall Committee October 2007

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